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I Can’t Wait to Give Away A Lot


We're partnering with leading youth mobilizing organizations to launch and fund a promising intergenerational campaign focused on protecting voting rights ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Learn more about the 2022 Senate Voting Rights Legacy Campaign.

Let us know if you'd like more information on this exciting, not-yet-public opportunity to save our democracy!

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Our world faces multiple dangers and opportunities. We have no time to waste. I aim to have as much impact as possible, now, not years from now. And I hope to inspire others. 

To complement my advocacy and activism,  I’ve now decided to fast-track my financial and estate planning and philanthropy. 

I’m taking my cue — in a small way — from MacKenzie Scott. (The graphic analyzes her 2020 wave of donations.) And from the Climate Emergency Fund: Only Emergency Mobilization Can Protect Humanity Now.

I want to respond financially, at the scope, scale, and speed our overlapping crises call for. Taking into account other spending plans and how much we need until we die, my wife and I have resolved to give away $1M —  a lot for us — this year. 

I’m having promising personal conversations with entrepreneurs who are wealthier than I am. If you have over $10M in assets, could you envision yourself giving $1M in the next year to respond to our emergencies on democracy, climate, species extinction, injustice, racism, and inequality? I invite you to explore that in talks with those you trust, and with me. And, however much you can give, might you join me in advancing this idea?

Finally, we're hiring a campaign manager with a climate justice and strong organizing/fundraising background, from Sunrise or other groups.

We're advancing climate action and justice through youth employment and intergenerational collaboration

We can all work together to defend, restore, and regenerate our communities and our world.

our experiences with Active Allies


Collaborating with the bright thinkers, creatives, and techies on my SpaceshipOne team has been a very fun and rewarding experience, that continues to this day. It’s also been immensely gratifying to be part of an organization that’s so aligned with the goals of  climate restoration. I’m brimming with gratitude for the whole experience!

350 Bay Area and Active Allies provide an accessible entry point into the youth climate movement. We can shift passive allies into active allyship; develop pathways for greater involvement in climate solutions among climate advocates; and remind young people that their wisdom is always in the room.

our hopes for the future


I hope, as people are organizing, voting, and striking, that we understand the intersections in today’s crisis and how they disproportionately hurt some more than others. I hope that as we did at the beginning of the pandemic, we can all come together across different cities and countries to move towards a society that works for everyone. 


I’m not just hoping to solve the climate crisis or the coronavirus crisis or the racial justice crisis. I’m hoping to solve the fundamental failures of our society that enable these crises. We need leaders like Active Allies to join with us to work together building the just and equitable world that we want to grow up in.

Electrifying Allies

Cleantech entrepreneurs, electric vehicle advocates, and other innovators can find ways to make a big difference—again.


Build a coalition for an ambitious national Grow Better campaign in 2021 focused on jobs, economic justice, healthy food, and community resilience.


Voices for Our Future

Produce intergenerational video interviews between younger and older activists.

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help build the Active Allies program​

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Join our startup team


Roles include enlisting partners and recruiting and onboarding Active Allies volunteers.

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Sign up Sponsors for...

We're hiring an Active Allies Campaign Manager


We need a core organizer and communicator to lead outreach and fundraising efforts for leading projects

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our team network

team members

help advance team with logistics, outreach, partnerships, 

communications, and more. 


make particular projects effective and successful by offering their expertise to the projects and their Managers.


make projects financially possible, allowing Project Managers to start or continue their essential work, with a basic income that sustains them.

project managers

work on exciting and diverse climate projects with a team of Active Allies.   

our partners and supporters


"Active Allies is the connector, the influencer, the game changer for youth. It gives young champions for climate justice the power to determine the future of their world."

- Nan Parks, President


Entrepreneurs, market makers, inventors, and other AirMiners will bring on waves of young people eager to start pulling carbon from our air and restoring our climate.”


-Tito Jankowski, Founder


 "This is an exciting project, which pairs the talent and passion of young climate warriors with the resources and wisdom of their adult allies. It could be an explosive combination!"

- Margaret Klein Salamon, Founder


“Empowered youth are best positioned to lead in correcting our course. Active Allies can help us move toward our vision of a restored climate and a flourishing future for all.” 


- Erica Dodds, Chief Operating Officer


"Active Allies is brilliant! It empowers youth to move from interest to engagement to action on the critical issue of our time."

- Professor Dan Kammen

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