Project Incubator

Regardless of your current job or professional background, what if you could spend your time working on climate action and justice?  


What if, with the right connections and resources, your work could help create a safe, healthy, and prosperous world for you and generations to come?

Interested in getting involved?

While some of these projects are active, most of them need you to jumpstart them! 

If you  have over $10M in assets, could you envision yourself giving $1M in ’21-’22 to respond to our emergencies on democracy, climate, species extinction, injustice, racism and inequality?  I invite you to explore that in talks with those you trust, and with me. And, however much you can give, might you join me in advancing this idea? 

Grow Better

Electrifying Allies

Voices for Our Future

Active Allies Fund

Climate Designers

350BayArea Youth Climate Organizer

Sponsorship for ClimateBase Founder

Active Allies Outdoors