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Meet the Team


You can join our startup team as a volunteer and help with recruiting sponsors, donors, and partners, and advancing the Course-Correct Corps and other projects.

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I’m an ex-entrepreneur fortunate enough to be able to volunteer full-time on climate change, focusing, as a startup person & writer, on “missing pieces” in awareness and solutions


Felix Kramer


Success Story! I transitioned from being part-time at two climate advocacy organizations to now be a full-time, salaried Climate Advocate at one, where I build communication strategy, educational resources, and digital engagement. Read about my past year working here. 


Anna Michel


Success Story! I was a part-time Project Manager focused on developing the Active Allies program and this website. Now, I'm a Climate Corps fellow learning about making buildings more sustainable. I believe in empowering our generation to turn their climate activism into a sustainable career and to ensure a livable future for all.

Communications Lead & Designer

Costanza Gonzalo


As the founder of ClimateBase, formerly Climate.Careers, and a core Active Allies launch partner, I help empower individuals and organizations to work on meaningful solutions to our climate crisis.


Evan Hynes


Spencer Burget

Fund Coordinator

 I’m a recent graduate excited to get to work implementing innovative and equitable solutions to our most pressing environmental problems. 

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