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Spencer Burget

I’m a recent graduate excited to get to work implementing innovative and equitable solutions to our most pressing environmental problems. 


Organizations and projects I work with & support

  • Environmental Defense Fund

  • Allotrope Partners

  • Sunrise Movement

  • Divest 5Cs

  • Bernie 2020

  • Clean Energy for Biden


About me


My personal interest in the climate crisis has evolved as a union of my love for natural places and my love for humanity. I have had immense privilege in my life to experience some of the most magical places on earth and became obsessed with dedicating my career to saving them. However, as I have grown older and navigated the environmentalist movement, my passion for social justice has eclipsed that for the environment. In the more recent years of my life I have been inspired more by the extraordinary injustices I am complicit in than any natural wonder. My environmentalism is just as much about saving people as it is about saving places.

My life goal is to contribute to building a more equitable and just world. I know that a career in energy is not typically seen as a crusade for justice, but I see no more pressing issue for our planet than the unsustainable way we produce and consume energy. In a pragmatic way, I am passionate about the climate because I see it as the best way for me to affect the most change that I can in the world.

People who inspire me

AOC, Bill McKibben, Varshini Prakarsh, Bernie Sanders, Shayle Kann


Media I follow

Greentech media, The Interchange,, GreenBiz, the Guardian’s Climate Change Section, The Hill’s Energy and Environment Section

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My experience with Active Allies and hopes for the future

It’s hard not to feel constantly overwhelmed by the intersecting crises we are facing, but I strive to channel my anger, fear, and desperation into positive change. More than anything, I feel righteous and fortunate to be alive and able to affect the world during a pivotal era in the history of humanity. I’m hoping that this moment can be a catalyst for truly radical change. I’m not just hoping we solve the climate crisis or the coronavirus crisis or the racial justice crisis. I’m hoping we solve the fundamental failures of our society that enable these crises. I’m hoping to build a new society that values human life and puts people and the planet over profits. I’m hoping for true progress and an end to our destructive exploitation of the earth and each other.

With this goal in mind, I aim to live and act with radical empathy. One person can’t take down our broken system, but by each of us fighting for one another we can collectively affect massive change. I aim to exude hope and compassion and inspire others to do the same. I believe that piece by piece, through small acts of love from every corner of the world, we can restore our faith in humanity and build a more just world. 

I joined Active Allies because I believe that the solution to these crises lies in the mass mobilization of youth activists. My generation is more radical, compassionate, and motivated than any generation before us. We represent an incredibly powerful reservoir of untapped potential and we need leaders like Active Allies to put us to work building the just and equitable world that we want to grow up in.

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