Spencer Burget

I’m a recent graduate excited to get to work implementing innovative and equitable solutions to our most pressing environmental problems. LinkedIn


Organizations and projects I work with & support

  • Environmental Defense Fund

  • Allotrope Partners

  • Sunrise Movement

  • Divest 5Cs

  • Bernie 2020

  • Clean Energy for Biden


About me


My personal interest in the climate crisis has evolved as a union of my love for natural places and my love for humanity. I have had immense privilege in my life to experience some of the most magical places on earth and became obsessed with dedicating my career to saving them. However, as I have grown older and navigated the environmentalist movement, my passion for social justice has eclipsed that for the environment. In the more recent years of my life I have been inspired more by the extraordinary injustices I am complicit in than any natural wonder. My environmentalism is just as much about saving people as it is about saving places.

My life goal is to contribute to building a more equitable and just world. I know that a career in energy is not typically seen as a crusade for justice, but I see no more pressing issue for our planet than the unsustainable way we produce and consume energy. In a pragmatic way, I am passionate about the climate because I see it as the best way for me to affect the most change that I can in the world.

People who inspire me

AOC, Bill McKibben, Varshini Prakarsh, Bernie Sanders, Shayle Kann


Media I follow

Greentech media, The Interchange, 350.org, GreenBiz, the Guardian’s Climate Change Section, The Hill’s Energy and Environment Section