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Electrifying Allies:

a new way for innovators to make a big difference—again!

We’re entrepreneurs, engineers, and advocates working to electrify our world. We’ve inspired people by inventing, developing, and deploying clean, reliable, affordable energy solutions. Now we're ready for new challenges.


We’ve been immersed, productive, and in some cases very successful. We’ve flourished as employees, entrepreneurs, investors, and volunteers in cleantech, especially around plug-in cars, batteries, and solar power!


December 30, 2006 | At a founding event of StepItUp (the organization that became, activists from the Bay Area plug-in community brought the message that we have the solutions we need.

We already donate to worthy causes; we want to go beyond that. We’ll pay forward our experience/expertise/networks/resources by working with young people. We’re helping to create the Transformational 20s. In this decade, we can make the systemic course corrections that will be pivotal for human society. 


We believe young people are the best leaders for these vital projects, and we’re thrilled to ally with them. Together, we can get the job done!

We’re starting by networking within the cleantech world, in two networks where we have many connections:

CalCars Squared


We can convert hundreds of millions of gas-guzzlers to plug in faster than anyone imagines! We see a $5 trillion global market opportunity replacing internal combustion engines with electric drive systems, providing millions of local jobs, reducing local air pollution, and tackling climate change. As a sequel to the successful CalCars campaign for plug-in hybrids, we can recruit investors and entrepreneurs to start with  tractors and pickup trucks, and classic and luxury vehicles.  Learn more here. 

Electrifying Funders

undraw_electric_car_b7hl 1.png

We’re assembling a lead group of people who've prospered financially in Cleantech. They’ll brainstorm, lead, and fund ambitious strategic initiatives, with Active Allies, collaborating with groups like Plug In America, The Electric Auto Association and Prospect Silicon Valley. They’ll invite others they’ve worked with to join. We’ll reach out broadly to those who’ve worked on all aspects of renewable electricity generation/distribution/use. One focus will be early Tesla employees and investors. Some can become Electrifying Funders. Those who didn’t cash out big can be effective Electrifying Allies as Project Sponsors, Mentors, and Advisors.

Women Plug-In Leaders


We’ve assembled a list of pioneering women who Felix Kramer (Active Allies Founder) met and worked with at The California Cars Initiative from 2002-2010. played a central role in successful campaigns to put plug-in hybrids on the map and spark mass production of PHEVs and EVs. We’re about to invite them to work with us to tell their stories — and perhaps re-engage and collaborate again at this critical time. Have a look at more than 85 women plug-in leaders who’ve been electrifying for decades!

We’re interested in meeting with you to advance

Electrifying Allies. 

​We’re starting with these projects— which need Sponsors and Mentors — and we welcome projects from you!

  1. Help launch Active Allies. Electrifiers (many from our founder’s networks) can be the first to join our internal team to turn a small Bay Area prototype into a high-impact state and then national project. 

  2. Manage and fund the Archive of the Campaign for Plug-in HybridsHire catalogers for an archive to be hosted by the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley.

  3. Develop distributed energy for resilience, independence, and justice. Hire young people to work with residents at wildfire risk in low-income communities at the Wildlife-Urban Interface. Provide these residents leased or used electric vehicles and add rooftop solar to their homes for backup power when utility power isn’t available. See concept in progress.

  4. Solve the Multi-Unit Dwelling Charging Problem. Help advance the development of, a young entrepreneur’s new startup that’s making it easier for people in apartment buildings to charge their plug-in cars in building parking lots.

  5. Expand the availability of used electric vehicles in low-income communities.

  6. Advance strong plug-in hybrids: via the Strong Plug-In Hybrid Coalition: Promote education, advocacy and fundraising efforts among advocates, government agencies, and carmakers.

  7. Promote Dean’s List. Gain support to produce and distribute a unique roundup of news about plug-in cars from pioneer Dean Taylor, who after a long career at Southern California Edison, now consults with multiple stakeholders. Here’s a sample.

  8. Build partnerships with other organizations. Many more projects to come from them —and, we hope, from you!


Ron Freund, participating as an Electrifying Allies Mentor, is the past Chairman of the Electric Auto Association and Co-Founder and Director of Plug-In America.

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