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Grow Better Project with

Climate Changes Everything

In partnership with Climate Changes Everything, this project aims to build a coalition for an ambitious national Grow Better campaign in 2021 focused on jobs, economic justice, healthy food, and community resilience.


We’re aiming to catalyze a broad nonpartisan campaign for accelerated action in 2021 to begin transforming American agriculture. In addition to the broad description below, we’re starting to recruit volunteers and support for a Central Valley Grow Better Initiative. Read more here.

In the beginning of this project we're imagining our long term goals: legislation that supports healthy foods, communities, and farmers. As we progress, we want to include the voices and provide the resources required to make that happen. This includes centering the perspectives and knowledge from rural, black, indigenous, and people of color. 


This project can evolve into a broad coalition led by farm and food advocates celebrating the bipartisan passage of the Grow Better Act, a national program focused on jobs, economic justice, healthy food, and community resilience.


The Grow Better Act will bring the most benefits to rural and small-town America, including:

  • Millions of new jobs safely growing healthy food;

  • Economic and racial justice in long-overlooked communities;

  • Expanded revenue from abundant food grown using proven regenerative and permaculture agriculture techniques;

  • Safer farming for workers, residents, communities, land, air, and water, by greatly reducing agricultural “inputs” (mostly derived from fossil fuels) and “outputs” (crop “dusting”, spraying, chemical runoff, etc.)

  • A Civilian Farm Corps, as part of a broader Civilian Climate Corps, supporting young adult employment in small and mid-sized family farms.

  • Electrification of personal and farm vehicles, equipment, and tools

  • Electrification and weatherization of homes, farm infrastructure, and commercial buildings

For more details on our vision of this project, read the full Climate Changes Everything articles here.

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