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Voices for Our Future

At the start of 2021, we heard Amanda Gorman’s moving and energizing words at the Presidential Inauguration. These types of speeches and actions inspire us to find voices around the world to amplify for a better and more just future. For a collection of more poems, speeches, and reactions click here.


Today we find rays of hope as billions of people wake up every day to a shared awareness. By responding to the pandemic by wearing masks, most of them choose to act for the benefit of others. And today, talking about systemic problems and systemic change is no longer seen as extreme.


Are we at a moment when people everywhere can be inspired by the idea that “another world is possible”? Our overlapping crises come even as people recognize that we humans know how to create a healthy, safe, prosperous, just world for everyone. And that once we agree to do it, we can afford it.

Our team’s efforts to increase intergenerational collaboration on climate has led to many internal conversations about activism and the political environment throughout the past few decades. This gave us the idea: we need more intergenerational conversations about activism and politics to be open to the public.


That is why we’re starting this project focusing on intergenerational interviews between younger and older activists. Today, these conversations generally happen in the context of family, but we want to remove these barriers.


We believe having thoughtful discussions will teach us what we’re capable of doing by working together and sharing wisdom. As a way of supporting the activist lifestyle, we will fundraise during each event to support our speakers and crew.  

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