Voices for Our Future

Today we find rays of hope as billions of people wake up every day to a shared awareness. By responding to the pandemic by wearing masks, most of them choose to act for the benefit of others. And today, talking about systemic problems and systemic change is no longer seen as extreme.

Are we at a moment when people everywhere can be inspired by the idea that “another world is possible”? Our overlapping crises come even as people recognize that we humans know how to create a healthy, safe, prosperous, just world for everyone. And that once we agree to do it, we can afford it.

Here’s where we could use Voices for Our Future. We’re inspired by the urgency of Greta Thunberg, the fervor of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and the calls to action of Varshini Prakash

Can we find young voices out there who combine the spirits of Greta, Alexandria, and Varshini?

We propose a project to invite them to submit short videos in their native language about the future they want to help create and to give them a global platform. 

One group working in similar directions is Worldward, a global youth organization promoting climate justice and climate restoration. They are spreading these ideas through short, inspiring videos featuring young climate activists from all over the world as seen on their home page and in a segment presented at the Second Annual Climate Restoration Forum. This conference also showed videos from FXB Climate Advocates, including Amanda from Detroit. 


Great Minds Think Alike! They’re proving the concept that heartfelt videos can take the world by storm. As compelling voices emerge, we dream millions will respond, “We want that!” Along with many other campaigns, we imagine some of them taking the world by storm, sparking and fueling “course-correction” movements in countries around the world.

We’re looking  to partner with an institution set up to promote video projects, manage juries, public voting, and prizes. We will raise funds and recruit a project manager to pioneer this exciting project.

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