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Recruitment on hold for:

Manage Active Allies Intergenerational Campaigns

We're giving or full attention to our new campaign and finding a leader for it: 

Organizer & Manager: We Can’t Wait to Give Away A Lot in ’21-’22


When we return to this opportunity, here's the spec:

Do you get inspired by the transformative potential of paying people in their 20s to work on climate and other systemic emergencies? 

Could you draw on all your experience and skills to help turn an innovative proof-of-concept into an exciting, effective, replicable program?


For this intergenerational project, we’ve put together a small core team and so far we’ve supported four Project Managers. Now we need a core organizer and communicator to jump-start the project.


The Active Allies Campaigns Manager will lead outreach and fundraising efforts for leading projects:

  • Startup Team: enlist people for recruiting, partnerships, and onboarding Active Allies volunteers and managers.

  • Grow Better for jobs food & justice: promote a project focused on ambitious regenerative agriculture goals.

  • Electrifying Allies: sign up cleantech entrepreneurs, electric vehicle advocates, and other innovators to make a big difference—again.

  • Voices for Our Future: produce intergenerational video conversations between younger and older activists


Core responsibilities:

  1. Build, coordinate, manage the Active Allies Startup Team.

  2. Serve as the main point of contact for projects, initially working with Felix.

  3. Approach compatible organizations (some already identified) to serve as 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor for Active Allies

  4. Write, coordinate, and manage email and social media campaigns 

  5. Organize and attend virtual meetings with networkers and potential Funders, Sponsors, Advisors, and volunteer team members.

  6. Secure funding for priority Project Manager positions.

  7. Work with core volunteers to build project teams and recruit organizational partners.

  8. Help recruit an additional Project Manager for Felix as a writer/ideator/networker: editor, co-author, promoter at


Desired skills and experience:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communicator.

  • Accomplished at partnership- and coalition-building.

  • Effective volunteer, project and organization manager. 

  • Confident in startup environments, including entrepreneurship, fundraising, business development, pitching, and recruiting.

  • Familiar with Mailchimp, Google Drive, Slack, Asana and similar platforms.

  • Passionate to amplify underrepresented, inspirational activists and voices.



We prioritize San Francisco Bay Area applicants, though the position will remain remote this year. 



Initially $1,000/week; upon recruitment of Sponsors, could increase to $1,500. Initially a contract position. 



We believe focusing on intersectionality can steer movements away from inequality and hierarchy, and into a better future that works for all of us. We are looking for diverse perspectives from activists, advocates, and entrepreneurs working to improve their communities.


We will consider applicants without regard to categories protected by applicable federal, state or local law, including race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status. We strongly encourage women, people of color, LGBTQ+, young people, and members of other historically disenfranchised populations to apply.


There is only one vacancy for this position, if it gets filled or we don’t think you’re the right fit, your application can transfer to become a Project Manager. 

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