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Evan Hynes

As the founder of ClimateBase and a core Active Allies launch partner, I help empower individuals and organizations to work on meaningful solutions to our climate crisis. 

My lightbulb moment


After being aware of climate change for nearly my entire life, it was the 2018 IPCC report that caused me to spring into action. I wanted to find an opportunity where I could leverage my career to have a positive impact on climate. I didn't really know where to begin, so I started building out a spreadsheet, mapping organizations to Project Drawdown climate solutions. Since then I've dedicated all my time towards building Climate.Careers, to help others more easily answer the question, “What can I do about climate change?”.

I think it's crucial that we reframe the conversation around climate to focus on the economic opportunities that come from preventing destruction and restoring our natural ecosystems in a healthy climate. We have to do everything we can to not only mitigate and adapt to climate change, but also sequester carbon from the atmosphere, and reverse global warming however possible. Climate restoration is a must.

The best way I deal with my eco-anxiety is by taking action, and building connections with other climate-minded individuals. For me, joining and participating in online and in-person climate communities is a critical way to stay informed and expand my understanding of what's going on in the world of climate solutions.


I currently collaborate with Active Allies to help build the program as a whole, leveraging ClimateBase as a key mechanism to do so. I see the Climate Project Manager position as a valuable bridge in my career, allowing me to build ClimateBase into a self-sustaining organization that can reach global impact, catalyzing the workforce to restore our planet.

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