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Presenting: 3 MVPs from Active Allies. Will you volunteer to lead one, or join in?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

UPDATE TO YOU AS YOU ARRIVE AT THIS PAGE: In addition to the direct pitch to consider joining or leading one of these efforts, as a step in that direct, we invite members of our networks to consider becoming a part of a "braintrust of advisors to consider how to advance one or more of these projects. Please be in touch!

Most mornings, I wake up charged up, as our small team develops three new startups. At the risk of sounding grandiose, I think they’re all potentially worldchanging! We’re looking for the right people to lead one, plus volunteers for each.

While we continue to add details, thanks to Gil Friend for suggesting we treat them as three MVPs. They’re Minimal Viable Products—partially implemented big ideas, ready to ship and try out, and evolve in interaction with the world. Each “product” is a campaign and a startup. FYI here’s the origin of MVPs.)

Could one of these startups be just what you’re looking for? As an entrepreneur, advocate, activist, or leader, we hope you’ll find an opportunity that matches your skills, networks, and aspirations. We invite you to join us to create intergenerational teams. We can dream that our greatest achievements are ahead of us!

Among my networks I hear people asking themselves, “Now what? As we start to emerge from the pandemic, what can we start to really fix our world?” If we commit to act, years from now people could remember us as worthy successors to The Greatest Generation. Imagine The Great Intergeneration!

This decade MUST be The Transformational ’20s. Yes, we see climate restoration as a long shot. But we know if we don’t address our systemic challenges, our futures will be bleak. (Five years after the Paris Climate Agreement, Greta Thunberg in three minutes reminds us we’re still not acting like our house is on fire.)

We face multiple emergencies: democracy, health, equality, and justice in the foreground, surrounded by climate and species extinction. Will one or more of these inspire and move you to completely change what you do? Or in some way end business as usual in your life? Add a new commitment, for 10 hours a week — or 40? Based on my life experiences, I can assure you: if you say yes, you won’t regret it!

We may still have time to avert catastrophe and build a livable world — if we can catalyze changes at the scope, scale, and speed required. Click on the links below to see how these three MVPs meet those high bars:

  1. CalCars Squared: Convert hundreds of millions of gas-guzzlers to plug-ins, FAST! After I founded the California Cars Initiative in 2001, we successfully encouraged automakers to build plug-in hybrids. Our sequel sees vast opportunities in our current fleet. No matter how quickly EVs arrive, over a billion vehicles will pollute for decades. But electrifying many of them can create jobs all over in a new multi-trillion dollar market. STATUS: Collaborators from CalCars will be joined by tech, cleantech, and climate colleagues to identify the best fixes and resources. We’ll start with low-hanging fruit: demonstrator tractor and truck conversions.

  2. Grow Better: Transition farms and communities to regenerative agriculture. Alternatives to poisonous industrial agriculture monocultures can bring many health, safety, climate, and economic benefits. In our perilously polarized nation, we believe Grow Better can gain the support of 80% of Americans. STATUS: We're looking to recruit a volunteer Initiator is working toward a California Central Valley prototype to accelerate rapid transitions for farms and communities.

  3. Active Allies: Enlist seasoned, networked people to support youth employment for climate action and justice. We can build these startups and others with this platform. Great Minds Think Alike: Bill McKibben is making intergenerational collaboration a major priority. STATUS: With partners, at our proof of concept, we now Sponsor, Mentor, and Advise a small first cohort of Project Managers. We enable young adults to go from volunteering to being paid to work on what they care about most. (Send us any potential candidate to be hired ASAP as the Active Allies Campaign Manager.)

Ready to explore leading or volunteering at any of these MVPs? Start at Volunteer with our startup teams at Active Allies. And watch Felix, joined by three young colleagues, talk about our three projects.

Intrigued? Let’s talk! And please feel free to pass along this invitation.

Thank you in advance for all you will do! With Anna, my 24-year old Active Allies colleague, I crafted my email signoff:

Together in grief and hope, with radical determination.


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