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Climate Designer Projects

Active Allies Website

This website requires Climate Designers in order to communicate our message and successfully outreach. Costanza Gonzalo is currently the main designer of this website as a part-time Project Manager.

Humaaan (1).png is a hub for designers and creative professionals from all industries, committed to using creative skills for climate action. We’re looking for Sponsors to support the already-in-place work of founders Marc O’Brien and Sarah Harrison from The Determined, along with work by one or more Project Managers to help develop more impactful projects and media.


Active Allies Projects Designer

We need Climate Designers to help every team make their project look presentable and attractive to general audiences. 

dan.2 (1).png

Transformational 20s

 Climate Designers can create a visually appealing and hopeful timeline of the 2020s. In order for the 2020s to be the decade of environmental and social change, we must picture that future in order to move in that direction. 

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