More Projects in Development


These are ideas that need teams of people to activate; some live at, where Active Allies first began.

ClimateHope Media Project

An information resource we’ve started to build, with Grist as our media partner, reporting on climate restoration, climate restorers, etc.
Now we’re recruiting a team to launch Phase 2 and build a crowdfunding/crowdsourcing community for climate reporting at Patreon. 
Learn more at ClimateChangesEverything.

Networking with successful climate-aware entrepreneurs and ultra-high net-wealth individuals up for a new challenge. Restoring a safe and healthy climate can be their most compelling startup ever, and we hope some of them will be intrigued to work with a Project Manager. We have a deck, a pitch, a shorter intro pitch, and an UltraRestorers Pledge. Learn more at ClimateChangesEverything.

Ultrawealth for Climate Health