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Active Allies Fund

Recent Pledgers:

Sven Thesen

Oliver Burke

We’re starting to create an Active Allies Fund so individuals can donate to empower young people to build a flourishing future. Contributions can be at any level, ranging from modest one-time or monthly donations to Sponsor-level, where an individual or organization provides half or all of a Project Manager’s income, to Project-level, where a philanthropist or entrepreneur may support our plan to launch the Course-Correct Corps in many locations in California.


I first heard Felix in 2002 at the Commonwealth Club, where he spoke of his vision of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). I was so impressed that even as a young engineer, I promptly gave his fledgling organization $100. And look where we are with all the electric vehicles today!!! Eighteen years later, he has another, even better vision. And I’m all in:

I’ve pledged to contribute $5,000 to the Active Allies program

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Sven Thesen 

We’re reaching out to volunteer attorneys on the institutional formation of Active Allies. And we’re in discussions with non-profit organizations to act as Fiscal Sponsors for the Fund, (All contributions will be tax-deductible except for those where a Manager works directly with a Sponsor, who benefits directly from services provided.) And we will recruit an Evaluation Team to assess candidates and projects, link with Sponsors and Mentors, and award Fund grants.

Hypothetical Case Study: “Pathfinder Goes All-In On Active Allies”
This imagined scenario shows how highly visible institutions jumping in on the Active Allies Fund can advance awareness and support the concepts of providing basic income for young adults protecting all of us.

Introducing Pathfinder Corp, a fast-growing Bay Area startup. Pioneer’s leaders personally support strong climate and health goals. Recognizing urgent challenges, they’re positioning the company to go beyond business as usual. Their enthusiastic buy-in will inspire others to follow. 
Through our networks, we’ll reach senior policy people at Pathfinder. We’ll recruit two as internal advocates for partnerships with Active Allies. They’ll say, “Pathfinder is going all in on climate. We invite individuals and groups at Pioneer to build on that.” Pathfinder can:

  • Hire new staff via Active Allies’ partner Climate.Careers;

  • Use this opportunity to define and act on specific climate and health goals and projects outside of the company’s core mission;

  • Assemble a first group of Sponsors for Climate Project Managers, at $25K or $50K/year, among founders and other employees who who can afford it;

  • Invite all employees to contribute to the Active Allies Fund — one-time or monthly.

To help develop and launch the Active Allies Fund, Spencer Burget is volunteering as Fund Coordinator. Having just graduated college, he’s a Candidate to become a Project Manager. 

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