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I Can’t Wait to Give Away A Lot

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Our world faces multiple dangers and opportunities. We have no time to waste. I aim to have as much impact as possible, now, not years from now. And I hope to inspire others.

To complement my advocacy and activism, I’ve now decided to fast-track my financial and estate planning and philanthropy.

I’m taking my cue — in a small way — from MacKenzie Scott. (The graphic analyzes her 2020 wave of donations.) And from the Climate Emergency Fund: Only Emergency Mobilization Can Protect Humanity Now.

I want to respond financially, at the scope, scale, and speed our overlapping crises call for. Taking into account other spending plans and how much we need until we die, my wife and I have resolved to give away $1M — a lot for us — this year.

I’m having promising personal conversations with entrepreneurs who are wealthier than I am. If you have over $10M in assets, could you envision yourself giving $1M in the next year to respond to our emergencies on democracy, climate, species extinction, injustice, racism, and inequality? I invite you to explore that in talks with those you trust, and with me. And, however much you can give, might you join me in advancing this idea?

Finally, we're hiring a Campaign Manager with a climate justice and strong organizing/fundraising background, from Sunrise or other groups.

Visit here to learn more — including a "soft pledge"

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