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We Invite You to Become an Active Ally & Join Our Team

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Summer 2020-Spring 2021 is shaping up to be the most pivotal year in our lifetimes. (For more, read our blog post Where Do We Go From Here?).

Our actions should match the speed, scale, and scope of our challenges. If you agree, we hope you’ll consider helping our small team to rapidly advance two extraordinarily ambitious initiatives:

  1. Active Allies: We’re enlisting Sponsors, Mentors, Advisors, and funders to support young adults as essential workers who defend, repair, and regenerate their communities and our world.

  2. The Course-Correct Corps: We’re recruiting a team to establish a new CCC — a public service program, first in the Bay Area, then in California, and then, we hope, nationally — for young adults to work on our most pressing climate and health priorities.

As underfunded states and localities struggle to act on these priorities, the Course-Correct Corps can become a powerful strategy to make our country safer, healthier, and more equitable, while employing young people, millions of whom are now unemployed.

Here’s how Active Allies founder Felix Kramer began his personal Course-Correct:

In January, my wife Rochelle and I decided to have a substantial “climate budget” for 2020. Though I don’t have deep pockets, in this decisive year, I’m significantly upping my contributions to organizations like the Sunrise Movement, The Climate Mobilization, and 350 Bay Area. Plus I’ve sponsored what’s now becoming Active Allies. Last fall I recruited Anna Michel, the first Climate Project Manager. We developed a proof-of-concept, and in collaboration with Climate.Careers (one of our two core partners), we recruited ten Climate Project Manager candidates. One of our candidates, Keziah Mills, just got hired as the first Youth Climate Organizer at 350 Bay Area, our other core partner. I’m back-stopping payment for this half-time job while we look for potential Sponsors. Might you consider financially supporting her work on youth-led climate justice campaigns?

Next, we brought on from our candidates two 2020 college grads. Anna was joined by Costanza Gonzalo to create the new ActiveAllies website. Spencer Burget has volunteered to coordinate the development of an Active Allies Fund so we can put more young Project Managers to work ASAP. And we’re all developing a priority list of projects.

We’re set to take off, and our efforts can be truly game-changing IF you join us: as a part-time volunteer on our internal team; as a funder; or as a Sponsor, Mentor, or Advisor. We welcome and appreciate your involvement at any level.

Intrigued? Let’s talk.


This is one of four blog posts announcing the launch of Active Allies:

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