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Will you be an Active Ally?

We're looking for a core group to join us now as volunteers for Active Allies. 

Could you see yourself getting involved

in any of these priority projects? 

Electrifying Allies

Cleantech entrepreneurs, electric vehicle advocates, and other innovators can find ways to make a big difference—again.


Voices for Our Future

Produce intergenerational video interviews between younger and older activists.

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Would you consider helping to build the overall Active Allies program?

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Join our startup team

Roles include enlisting partners and recruiting and onboarding Active Allies volunteers.

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we’re now recruiting

  •  A-A Communications Lead & Designer

Costanza Gonzalo

Nik Evasco

  •  ClimateBase Founder

Evan Hynes.

our experiences with Active Allies


I was intrigued by the nature of the work: collaborating with someone many decades my senior, who had a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer. From the moment I met Felix for my interview, I wanted to work with him on spreading the message that we can restore a safe & healthy climate.

Anna, Co-founder

350 Bay Area and Active Allies provide an accessible entry point into the youth climate movement. We can shift passive allies into active allyship; develop pathways for greater involvement in climate solutions among climate advocates; and remind young people that their wisdom is always in the room.

Tallulah, First 350BA

Youth Climate Organizer

our hopes for the future


I hope, as people are organizing, voting, and striking, that we understand the intersections in today’s crisis and how they disproportionately hurt some more than others. I hope that as we did at the beginning of the pandemic, we can all come together across different cities and countries to move towards a society that works for everyone. 

Costanza, Communications Lead & Designer


I’m not just hoping to solve the climate crisis or the coronavirus crisis or the racial justice crisis. I’m hoping to solve the fundamental failures of our society that enable these crises. We need leaders like Active Allies to put us to work building the just and equitable world that we want to grow up in.

Spencer, Fund Coordinator Volunteer

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