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Kylie Tseng


I'm a creatively-minded activist and project manager, excited to continually learn while working alongside passionate people on restorative climate solutions.

My main skills and experience are in…
Project Management     •     Public Speaking     •     Writing
Graphic/Website Design     •     Video and Animation     •     Content Management


Organizations and projects I work with & support 

  • Sunrise Bay Area, as the leader of the Community Builders team, from its inception 7 months ago (then 2 people; now it's 15 active leaders in the SFBA hub). I've led watch parties, concerts, and fundraisers with 80+ attendees, and, as a logistics lead for Sunrise events, I write newsletters, emails, summaries and presentations for trainings. I also help organize mutual aid for under-represented communities and new hubs.

  • Growing Ecotopia, an art collective I founded that houses a podcast focused on highlighting people who are working towards a just green transition. As the Content Manager and Producer, I've created visual resources that include an activist zine and renewable energy designs.

  • Asian Pacific Environmental Network

  • East Bay Community Energy

  • Justice Democrats 


About me 


I grew up in the Bay Area and have always had a deep love for the splendor of Northern California. The drought in California deeply affected me. I grew up watching Californian newts swim and lounge by abandoned swimming pools, and with year after year of dry seasons I wondered if anyone would ever see the magnificence of hundreds of newts after a wet season. The threat of climate change lives in my history and also what I hope to remediate in my future. Alongside my organizing work I try and foster creativity with environmentalism through projects that have ranged from animating solutions from the future, creating activist zines and designing graphics that relay a message of urgency. Art and creativity are some of the ways I try and build community and action around climate. 

My lightbulb moment


I was terrified for the state of the planet when I first joined the climate movement. I knew nothing about Non-Violent Direct Action and had only attended large, city-approved marches that never seemed to lead to political action. At my first NVDA Sunrise protest I was surprised by the atmosphere; it was as joyous as it was serious. When I started to organize more heavily, I found a deep community rooted in the same spirit. My lightbulb moment came when I realized that movements can address more than just their political goals, but turn cultural norms of isolation, competition and racism into norms of community, solidarity and trust. It was seeing this holistic way of addressing the climate crisis that instilled the confidence in me to continue with activism because the truth is, everything will change. But only a solution that acknowledges the complexity of the crisis and comes from the grassroots is one which will win. 

People I read & follow

Climate media

Climate change in NorCal 

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