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Until January 20, our founding team is largely focused on our election and democracy emergencies. But we’re still launching Active Allies because we think we've found a unique way to advance the course-corrections our intersecting crises require. Recognition is growing that we’re living in a climate emergency, and that responding can also address systemic racism, inequality and injustice.

Join us—

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Our mission is to advance climate action and justice through youth employment and intergenerational collaboration.

Sponsors, Mentors, Advisors, and Project Managers all work together to defend, repair, and regenerate our communities and our world.


“Empowered youth are best positioned to lead in correcting our course. Active Allies can help us move toward our vision of a restored climate and a flourishing future for all.” 


- Erica Dodds, Chief Operating Officer

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"Active Allies is the connector, the influencer, the game changer for youth. It gives young champions for climate justice the power to determine the future of their world."

- Nan Parks, President

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 "This is an exciting project, which pairs the talent and passion of young climate warriors with the resources and wisdom of their adult allies. It could be an explosive combination!"

- Margaret Klein Salamon, Founder


"Active Allies is brilliant! It empowers youth to move from interest to engagement to action on the critical issue of our time."

- Professor Dan Kammen


Empower Active Allies projects as a

Sponsor, Mentor, or Advisor

Sponsors make projects financially possible, allowing Project Managers to start or continue their essential work, with a basic income that sustains them.

Mentors make particular projects effective and successful by offering their expertise to the projects and their Managers.

Advisors help advance projects on an as-needed basis, especially through connections to their networks.

Are you a skilled recent graduate or young professional, committed to helping build a better world? 

Costanza Gonzalo

Costanza Gonzalo
Project Manager


Anna Michel
Project Manager

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Other ways to become an Active Ally

Our Concepts in the News

(youth employment, essential workers, basic income, and restoring our future)


Boston Review

"The right response to COVID-19 is to rebuild our economy from the ground up, putting people to work in a massive jobs program to secure the public health of all.”


New York Times Opinion

"The world needs you.
Here’s your chance….

What do you want to build ?"


The Canadian Press

"25 percent of youth are unemployed in B.C. and the program would give them an opportunity to work outdoors on initiatives such as building trails or cleaning beaches."

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