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Jeremy Jones

I’m a Nerd at Heart, Entrepreneur in Approach-Engineer-Scientist-Data Professional,  volunteering as Initiator for the Central Valley Grow Better Initiative.

About me

Large, flat expanses of corn and soybean dominate the landscape in the Great Lakes Midwest, where l grew up. I spent my adolescence in both rural and urban communities, gaining a deep appreciation for the food system and its importance to society.  And I got a crash course on conflict theory as I saw different norms and values in different regions. Now these lessons forward help me think about how to develop and communicate big ideas.


With an analytical mindset, I trained as an engineer and scientist.  I was always thinking about agriculture and climate and our urgent need to adopt sustainable food system methods. During an extended medical leave, I asked myself where I could most usefully spend my time. That led to an inflection point: I refocused from climate technology/science research to joining startups and volunteering in climate-driven communities.  Now I work on projects ranging from material science innovations for carbon capture to pitching ideas for new communications platforms to promote regenerative agriculture.

My lightbulb moments

As a young, curious, information-hungry kid, I thought and learned about climate and sustainability long before I became actively engaged. I heard my physicist grandfather and my aerospace engineer father talk about the immediacy of climate’s effects. That spurred  my interest and deep passion for climate-related science/technology. And that tied into my everyday experiences loving the ecosystems and communities of my Corn Belt Midwest.  I also heard contrary perspectives from business-focused and lawyer family members. I came to appreciate not only robust science but also the importance of effective messaging and recognizing social sentiment.


Organizations I support

Climate Change in Northern California


Climate media







Broad climate information and issues:


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