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Income for climate activism builds the new economy

Our mission is to enable young-adult climate advocates, now volunteering, to get paid to work on climate awareness and solutions.
They become Managers and we pair them with Sponsors, who pay them, and with Mentors who advise them.
Become a...

Concept and Mission

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Fulfill young adult climate advocates' dreams to not just volunteer, but be paid to work on what they care about most: climate awareness and solutions. 

Give other adults ways to end business as usual in their lives by sponsoring and collaborating with them. 

Find another way for our Climate Emergency to be a central focus in electoral campaigns.

Drawing by Zanny Zellers

There is no power on Earth greater than a full-time young adult climate advocate. So what would it take for them to be able to not only volunteer evenings and weekends, but actually devote their working hours to advancing climate solutions?

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