Keziah Mills


Active Allies recruited me for 350BA's new Youth Climate Organizer role, and I was hired in June 2020! I have a research background in cognitive, somatic, interpersonal and environmental well-being, and experience in justice, equity, and anti-oppression work.

My top skills: Independent and collaborative problem-solving, communication, research and analysis, adaptability, time management, community outreach, and event planning


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About me 

I stand for environmental justice, and rapid, comprehensive governmental change, both for myself and my generation in the here and now, and also for all of the generations to come. I believe that social movements have the ability to change today's political landscape and achieve a Green New Deal for the planet and all of its inhabitants.

I communicate the urgent, hopeful message of climate action and justice by tapping into emotions: through conversations, storytelling, video and photos, even through memes. Many psychological studies have demonstrated that while being able to cite your sources is important, just providing figures and statistics isn't enough to fully sway folks and mobilize them into action. You have to make them feel something.

My lightbulb moment


The past 10 years of my life have been punctuated by devastating global events: hurricanes, wildfires, power outages, locust invasions; the list abounds. These events brought about a sense of resignation. I felt I was too small, too insignificant as an individual to really enact change within a corrupt system that was built to prioritize profit over the lives of the planet and its people. 


My relationship to my eco-anxiety is a constant source of tension -- and every now and then, a source of empowerment. On my worst days, I used to have to need a scheduled cry, as a method of painful, but enlightening catharsis that allowed me to think of the injustices of the world, feel my emotions, and then pick myself up again with a deeper sense of determination and commitment that I use what privilege I have to fight for those who cannot. 


My first time engaging with the Sunrise Movement in August 2019 not only brought the climate crisis front and center for me, but also revealed to me the power of nonviolent direct action and of community. I was inspired by the way that Sunrise community members showed up for one another, offering company, solidarity, and resources amidst the crises of wildfires and power outages.


Today, my climate fear and anxiety is often soothed through community building and organizing with Sunrise. Every day, I am inspired by the bravery and empathy of my fellow youth climate activists. Every person I encounter holds the potential to be a fellow movement-shaper themself, and the threat of losing the world as I know it fills my life with more intention and appreciation of its beauty and its gifts.


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