Felix Kramer

I’m an ex-entrepreneur fortunate enough to be able to volunteer full-time on climate change, focusing, as a startup person & writer, on “missing pieces” in awareness and solutions.


About me

This century: Many people know me as founder of the California Cars Initiative ( Our coalition of entrepreneurs, engineers, advocates, and activists set off sparks! Starting around 2004, we inspired (and embarrassed) carmakers into producing plug-in hybrids. We boosted a global campaign to electrify transportation.
Last century: Others know me as a sixties activist who left college to organize draft resistors against the Vietnam War. Back then, personally ending business as usual changed my life. Ever since, as a writer, ideator, and networker for startups, events, companies, campaigns, and coalitions, I’ve promoted "missing pieces" for awareness and solutions. 


Reasons for hope

Though we live in anxious, uncertain times, I see social energy all over. Every day, billions of us worldwide awaken to the pandemic's shared reality. And many of us decide to act in solidarity to protect ourselves and each other. Scientists and industry collaborate at warp speed to find vaccines and treatments.  
Once we decide that our communities and cultures are worth saving, we know human generosity, creativity, and ingenuity can deliver.
We face extraordinary challenges. Amid intersecting emergencies of pandemic, inequality, racism, injustice, and democracy, most peoples' lives are dire and precarious. Looming above and behind our immediate systemic crises are two ultimate emergencies: climate plus species extinction. The heedless exploitations of our planet have caused both.
More and more people, young and old, live with a given: we’re determined “to do whatever it takes" to not only reverse and repair the damage, but to regenerate and restore the natural world's safety, health, and abundance.


Organizations I work with & support

Climate change in NorCal


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